Mastopexy (breast lift) surgery elevates the breast to a higher, more youthful position to improve the form and shape of the breast. Mastopexy may be performed on its own or combined with a breast reduction or breast augmentation.

A mastopexy may also be performed on one side to even up breasts as a result of breast asymmetry or to provide balance during breast reconstruction surgery.

The operation

This operation is carried out under a general anaesthetic at a local private hospital. The procedure is carried out as a day procedure on with one night stay in hospital.

After the operation

You will usually spend 1 night in hospital, although this can vary.

Most people get back to normal levels of activity 3 to 4 weeks after the operation. However, you need to restrict vigorous exercise such as gym work for at least 6 weeks. Your breasts should be ready for a new bra fitting after 6 weeks.


The pattern of scarring from a breast lift varies from only around the nipple, similar to a breast reduction but tend to be less extensive.


With breast lift surgery, you will have breasts with better uplift and shape.


The information provided about mastopexy is intended as a guide, and does not replace full consultation with your surgeon.

If you have any further questions regarding this surgery, be sure to have them answered before you have the operation. Your surgeon will be very happy to explain in greater detail anything in these notes or at your consultation.


The cost:

Mini mastopexy is approximately $12,000

Major mastopexy is approximately $18,000 to $20,000 dependent on how extensive the procedure is likely to be. This cost includes surgeon's fee, hospital fees and anaesthetic fees. 

A personal quote will be provided after your consultation with one of our surgeons.